Red Bull Music Festival

I went to NYC for the entire month of May for Red Bull's always amazing month-long Music Festival. I was the photo editor for almost every show! Many late nights working backstage editing on the fly getting out the work of some of the best music photographers in the biz. Though it rained almost the whole month, it was a blast—my favorite show of them all? John Maus at Coney Island. I ❤️ NY.

T Magazine and Sotheby's

I had the fortune to meet Teddy and Arthur Edelman years ago through their son John, CEO of Design Within Reach. Their home was a treasure in every way— a collection that reflected their long lives together in New York City with exquisitely eccentric taste. The whole story is too long to tell here, but after Arthur's passing earlier this year and their estate going up to action, my photos from an earlier three day interiors shoot of their home in 2014 were first published in the Sotheby's design catalog (where many of their Warhols and Tiffany lamps went to auction) and also with this very beautifully told story about Teddy and Arthur and their home as told by Merrell Hambleton for The New York Times (T. Magazine, May 5th 2018).


Thai Town Songkran Festival

What do you do when you wake up one morning and their are thousands of people outside, crowding amazing food vendors, a beauty pageant, music, dance, and a Muay Thai ring set up in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard? You get up and shoot it like you are on assignment, even if you aren't.

Joshua Tree Filming

An amazing shoot with choreographer Suzanne Beahrs and crew in Joshua Tree. We shot four days—filming at magic hour each day. Also did some climbing and scrambling through the notorious Chasm of Doom which I highly recommend (though you didn't hear it from me).

American Photography 32

Honored to be awarded in this year's American Photography 32 book. The book itself is beautiful: 326 of the year’s best photos on 400 gilded pages, designed by Caleb Bennett with Ben Grandgenett.